Little Learners


We offer two excellent programs:

  • Pre-Kindergarten & Preschool for 4 year olds.
  • Little Blessings for 3 year olds.

For 4 year olds

Pre-Kindergarten & Preschool will prepare your child to learn to enjoy and excel in education within the foundations of a healthy and early development.

This could be your child’s first exposure to a formal academic classroom-based learning environment before entering the public and private school systems. At Little Learners, our goal is to equally focus on your child’s social development, physical development, emotional development, and cognitive development.

No child should be left behind, and that means yours too. Our program details include the following skill sets, activities, and mile stone missions.

  • Hands on activities
  • Listening skills
  • Socialization and interaction
  • Circle time: including many stories, songs and finger play activities
  • Introduction of letters and sounds as well as
  • Writing alphabet activities. Using Alpha-tale Curriculum
  • Introduction of numbers
  • One to One correspondence
  • Writing numbers & manipulative. Using Number- tales Curriculum
  • Bible stories and related activities
  • Small and large motor skills
  • Sharing via show and tell activities
  • Music appreciation and use of instruments
  • Arts and crafts

For 3 year olds

Our Little Blessings. Possibly your child’s first exposure to a regular academic classroom-based learning environment. This is early foundation work as your child experiences being a student and responding back to a teacher. We use encouragement and positively reinforce this foundation by having your child enjoy these early learning experiences. The classroom gently exposes them to the expected behavior and responsibilities as a student and teacher relationship.

  • Hands on activities
  • Listening skills
  • Focus on socialization and interaction
  • Circle time – including many stories, songs and fingerplay activities
  • Small and large motor skills
  • Bible stories and related activities
  • Sharing
  • Music and instruments
  • Letter/number introduction and recognition
  • Arts and crafts

Little Learners

Little Learner’s Preschool provides a caring, creative and fun learning environment for children ages 3 – 5.

    We offer:
  • * convenient drop-off and pick-up
  • * huge outdoor play area
  • * use of the sanctuary for programs
  • * use of kitchen for family gatherings and cooking experiences
  • * field trips and many guest speakers

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